King Vision Group

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King Vision Group

King Vision Group is a developer and provider of residential and commercial full product line under Cedar Holdings. As one of the “Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises in China”, Junhua Real Estate actively deploys the Midwest while developing the Pearl River Delta vigorously.

Junhua Real Estate focuses on the improvement of the quality of human settlements, and has won numerous awards for its development projects, such as, China's modern new model residential area, Guangdong green environmental protection ecological community, Guangzhou's top ten star houses, top ten luxury houses, the best landscape residential areas, the best Villa Gold Awards, etc。

Junhua Auto Trading under Junhua Real Estate has been engaged in the comprehensive sales service of Dongfeng Honda for ten years. The sales network covers Guangdong and Guangxi. It is the best distributor of Dongfeng Honda in Guangzhou. The sales volume and profit have been ranked No. 1 in Guangzhou for many years.

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